Trucks, Trucks, and more Trucks

There seem to be more and more trucks on the highways these days. Whiles that bodes well for the economy, truck traffic does raise concerns about safety. Whether you call them semis, tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, or just big trucks, they are a force to reckon with and no one wants to get hit with one. An injury case resulting from a tractor-trailer wreck is not like a case in which two cars collide. Because of the size of trucks they collide with greater force than a normal automobile does. And lawyers need more experience to understand the many government regulations on trucks, truck drivers, and the trucking industry. The government has established many rules and regulations that truck drivers are supposed to follow. Additionally, truck have so-called black box recorders that record the movements of the trucks. The information on the recorders can aid lawyers, attorneys, and investigators in understanding the causes and details of truck accidents.

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