Why Do I Need an Attorney on My Injury Claim

Legal Nuggets- Why Do I Need an Attorney on My Injury Claim?

The people insurance companies use to investigate and settle claims are called “adjusters.” Insurance adjusters know more about personal injury claims than you do. They may not be as intelligent as you or have as high an IQ as you, but they have had much more training and experience than you. Insurance adjusters get legal training and have access to lawyers for questions. They also learn a lot of medicine from both training and experience. They also have access to medically trained personnel.

Many insurance adjusters have attended jury trials and understand the legal system very well. They know about statutory deadlines for filing lawsuits and are aware of what basic types of evidence are admissible in a trial. Also, many adjusters have a good estimate of likely jury verdicts in injury cases. They know what type of cases jurors are likely to dislike.

Knowledge is power and the insurance adjusters have it. The only way to make sure you have equal power is to hire an experienced attorney. He or she will be able to advise you about the law that applies to your case. And an attorney will either know a lot of the medical information pertinent to your case or will know how to get the information.

If you want to be on equal footing (or better) with your insurance adjuster, consult a professional with the experience and knowledge it takes to successfully fight them.

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