Why Do You Need to Call a Lawyer?

For the same reason you call:

-the exterminator, he can spray strong poison without contaminating himself or you, just as a lawyer can say or write strong words against the other side without hurting you in the process;

-the dentist, he can pull out that painful, infected tooth without causing more damage to the other teeth, just as a lawyer can solve your main legal problem without causing you additional, painful problems;

-the plumber, he can get the toilet to flush again without your having to get your hands dirty, just as a lawyer can deal with the legal-manure without your having to get dirty;

-the car mechanic, he can get your automobile running smoothly so you can get places, just as a lawyer can get your legal-life running smoothly so you can accomplish your goals;

-a doctor, she can prescribe the proper remedy for your illness, just as a lawyer can advise the proper remedy for a legal problem;

-a minister, he helps you deal with life’s tragedies, just as a lawyer helps you deal with many of the same tragedies.

Just as it is a bad idea to try to cut out your own appendix, or perform some other surgery on yourself, so it is a bad idea to try to advise yourself on your legal rights and responsibilities. Just as medical science, computer science, international trade, and other fields grow more and more complex every day, so does the law. As long as legislators, judges, bureaucrats, and other rule-makers live and breathe, our legal system will grow in both the sheer number of laws and complexity. Please call someone who is trained and experienced to lead you through the legal mine fields or you are taking grave risks. I can be your guide if you call me at (864) 232-1676.

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